About Me

Richard Holmgren of The Flying Debris Show
is not just another pretty face!
He’s a comedy superstar!

Richard was born a jokester and learned to juggle in fourth grade gym class. It’s true, anyone can learn to juggle however Richard never stopped challenging himself to be the best. Inventing new techniques to every trick he learned. Later Richard learned that using his comedy wit in conjunction with his arsenal of creative human skills would make for a great living!

By 1994 Richard began performing The Flying Debris Show professionally. It’s an hour packed with comedy, zany stunts, and lots of audience participation. A show that is appreciated by literally all ages! Whether it be performing in an ice house at the Winter City Festival in Toronto, Canada or taking the show to remote villages in Mexico audiences love The Flying Debris Show.

Richard continues to enhance his skills along with his show. It’s a project that never ends and never should. Always thinking of the next great joke to go along with the next great stunt The Flying Debris Show is Richard’s life long passion!

The Flying Debris Show can create a perfect entertainment package for your next event. Book a show today!